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ExcelSentry Client Add-In

An ExcelSentry Client Add-In is required to use encoded spreadsheets.  Client licenses are company-specific, and always relate to a specific Encoder license.  This prevents, for example, Company A from using Company B's encoded spreadsheets.


  • you have installed and validated an ExcelSentry Client on your PC
  • a spreadsheet has been encoded and configured for use on your PC

opening and using the encoded spreadsheet should be as simple as using the equivalent unencoded spreadsheet.  However, you will be prevented from viewing or editing any encrypted formulas or hidden cell values.  In addition, you may not be able to make 'structural' changes that affect the spreadsheet's integrity and consistency, for example moving or deleting encrypted formulas, and deleting or inserting rows or columns that could affect encrypted formulas.  Formulas will still calculate as normal, and calculated results will display and print as normal.  Slower calculation times may be noticed for large or complex spreadsheets, due to the security encryption system overhead.

Unauthorized users (including normally authorized users who have copied the spreadsheet to a PC without a validated Client license) will find that the spreadsheet will not operate unless the person encoding the spreadsheet has specifically allowed use on all PCs.



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