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ExcelSentry Encoder

The Encoder has a wizard-style interface, with a minimum of parameters and settings required to encode any standard spreadsheet.  When encoding, you can determine who will be allowed to use your spreadsheet by specifying the required authorization modes.

To encode a spreadsheet:

  • Load the Encoder and select the target spreadsheet
  • Select who will be allowed to use the encoded spreadsheet
  • Select formula encryption mode
  • Optionally set various advanced parameters
  • The Encoder will create a new encoded spreadsheet containing encrypted formulas, without altering the original spreadsheet in any way

This encoding process only needs to be carried out once per spreadsheet (unless the original spreadsheet is later updated).  After encoding, the spreadsheet may be distributed as required.

Authorized spreadsheet users should notice little change to the spreadsheet, except that they will not be able to view any of the original formulas, and certain cell display values may be hidden.  However, unauthorized users (including otherwise authorized users who have copied the spreadsheet to an unauthorized location) will not be able to operate the spreadsheet - encrypted formulas will not calculate, encrypted data will not display, and hidden cells will display as #Hidden!


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