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Authorization Modes

When using the Encoder wizard, you can select who will be allowed to use an encoded spreadsheet.  This is done by restricting use of the spreadsheet to users on:

  • the single encoding PC only, or
  • PCs with an activated ExcelSentry Client license, or
  • PCs with an installed Client that are on a network with an activated Network Authorization Server, or
  • any PC with an installed Client.

ExcelSentry can further restrict access to an encoded spreadsheet by password or time limit.

A Client license must be activated before you can use it to operate an encoded spreadsheet, unless the spreadsheet has been encoded to allow its use by any PC with an installed Client.  This 'any PC' restriction option does not provide strong location security, although password and/or time limit restrictions can still be applied.  This can be useful if you are sending a spreadsheet outside your organization and want to prevent those users from viewing your formulas.


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