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ExcelSentry provides:

  • security that is in place wherever and whenever an encoded spreadsheet is used
  • the facility to use an encoded spreadsheet as normal, while preventing the viewing or editing of any encrypted formulas
  • encoded spreadsheets that can be used at one location but not another
  • security that prevents unauthorized users from using the spreadsheet at all
  • an integrated decoder client that works on any standard PC with minimal system overhead
  • a quick and simple install procedure
  • seamless integration with Microsoft ExcelŽ
    • in both manual or automatic calculation mode
    • working in conjunction with existing VBA macros
    • when using Excel Solver
  • strong (128-bit AES/Rijndael) security (essentially unbreakable)
  • independence from Excel's native spreadsheet protection
  • multiple authorization modes
  • a solution that works for companies of all sizes
  • encryption that is spreadsheet and company specific

ExcelSentry may be supplied with one or more licenses for each of the following:

These may all be obtained in various license configurations from our Get a Copy page, including a trial version of the Encoder and Client. In order to maintain the strong security provided by ExcelSentry, licenses (other than the trial version) must be activated before use.



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